EMT Management Inc. has over 35 years of professional experience and knowledge in the field of fire safety and emergency preparedness in relation to the BC Building Code, BC Fire Code and WorkSafeBC Regulations. EMT provides our customers with prompt, professional service at reasonable pricing. We specialize in Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Consultation Services, which include:

Light Urban Search & Rescue Training, Level II

Building on the training experiences from the Light Urban Search and Rescue (LUSAR) Level I course, participants will carry forward their knowledge and work within the British Columbia Emergency Management System (BCERMS) and focus on the physically demanding aspects of Level II rescue, victim packaging and removal of victims identified during search techniques learned in LUSAR Level I.

This one-day (7 hour) "hands on" program provides participants with the understanding and skills to act safely and effectively as part of a team in the rescue and recovery of victims located in a damaged building.

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and conduct risk assessments in your facility where the need to rescue or evacuate workers may arise;
  • Recognize common Search and Rescue (SAR) techniques for rescue and removal of trapped and injured persons from a damaged building;
  • Value Safety First and Rescue Team Personnel Assessments - rescue the greatest numbers in the shortest amount of time; and
  • Identify, plan and implement a Safe Rescue Operation.

Experienced instructors at EMT Management will provide technical guidance to participants to assess victims, perform basic first aid, victim packaging and removal to a designated triage area as defined by the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

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